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Peace with Tiny Bunny
Our Price: $5.00
Friendly Owl
Our Price: $7.00
Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
Our Price: $8.00
A smooth small stone with the word "Peace" with a tiny white bunny peering up out of the last "E."
Weight: 2 ounces; Length: 2 inches side to side, 1.5 inches from top to bottom.
Friendly Owl is chilling in this tree, checking out the back yard. We advise you to purchase him, and keep him in your home. (He won't keep you up at night.) Weight: 3 ounces; 2.25 inches long, 1.25 inches from side to side. This little doggy is taking a cat nap. Shh!
This rock is 4.5 ounces, almost 3 inches long, and just a little over 2 inches from the top to the bottom. It is a flat stone.
Smile! with Ladybug
Our Price: $8.00
Butterfly in the Sky
Our Price: $9.00
Koi Fish and Waterfall
Our Price: $9.00
This little lady(bug) wants to put a smile on your face! A yellow dot trail frames the rock.
Weight: 3 ounces; Length: 2.75 inches side to side, 1.25 inches top to bottom.
A Monarch butterfly soars in the sky in this scene on a paperweight rock. It is 11 ounces in weight, 3 inches tall, and 3 1/2 inches wide. A koi fish swims next to a lily pad, as a tiny waterfall flows over the edge of the rock. Weight: 6 ounces; 2.5 inches side to side at the longest point, 2.5 inches across the top at the longest point.
Bashful Owl Necklace
Our Price: $9.00
Fred The Penguin Head
Our Price: $9.00
Tank the Turtle
Our Price: $10.00
I may look a little bashful, but if you hang me around your neck, I bet you will be sure to get a lot of complements!
Weight: 1 ounce; Length: 1.25 inches side to side, 1.75 inches top to bottom.
"Fred the Penguin Head" is a silly name for a rock, but he just brings that out in us. Maybe he will touch some silliness in you, too.
Weight: 3 ounces, Length: 2.25 inches side to side, 1.5 inches top to bottom.
This turtle is built like a tank. But he only weighs 7 ounces, so he's a lot easier to lift. Length: 2.25 inches side to side, 2.5 inches front to back.
Zoo Story Rock Set
Our Price: $15.00
Use these rock set to encourage storytelling with your little zookeepers.
Nine rocks: One Welcome to the Zoo rock, a boy, a girl, tiger, polar bear, monkey, elephant, zebra and lion. Comes in a drawstring pouch. Weight: 15 ounces.