Welcome to Barker Rock Art Gallery!
Here's a little info about how this all came about.

In the summer of 2015, I felt compelled to start painting on rocks. I was an elementary music teacher, but I loved music and art. So I did my rock painting on the side, did a craft show, had a shop on Etsy for a while. I guess I kind of burned out on painting. Teaching takes a lot out of a person, and Fibromyalgia is a real kicker.

Fast forward to 2017. In May, I resigned from my teaching gig, and I realized how much I missed my rock painting. I decided while I was looking for a new career path, that I should pick up and continue the one that I had enjoyed so much.

Each rock I paint is one-of-a-kind; there is only one in the inventory. My plan is to add other products in addition to the rocks if all goes well. I hope you enjoy the site and find something you absolutely need. ;)
Have a great day!
Ellen Barker, Head Artist and CEO